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Reviews and comments:



'' You have a vision that you are able to express in significant detail. Your professionalism is impeccable. And your friendly approach during rehearsals is a learning experience as others witness how you bridge the gap between two modern art fields, one being dance and the other being music. You are able to create your own path, and your own approach on how you see and feel art and dance. As a result, whether or not your immediate instincts are fully satisfied with your vision coming to life, you are one step closer to getting there. And i know you will get there, because you do not settle, you are always evolving as a choreographer, a dancer, a friend, an entertainer, an entrepreneur, and as your own artist. '' George Ramirez Cosmic Puzzle Recordings inc.



"Beatriz Vasquez is a breath of fresh air as a dancer and as a person. She gives of herself and moves from her heart. Every dance move is filled with emotion and grace. When I watch her, I am transported to her world...with every kick, with every leap. My favorite memory is watching her dance on bloody toes for Nutcracker in the City for the city of Los Angeles. She basically volunteered her time to dance with her students from a community recreation center. Instead of dancing off point as the Sugar Plum Fairy, she went to the doctor and got shots in her toes...and endured the pain on point. When I asked her why, she said, "I need to be an example for my students. I can't quit." It was at that point that I knew, the beauty I saw as she performed came from a a beautiful soul. Deirdre Smith Singer and performer.



"Beatriz Eugenia Vasquez dance recitals are invigorating, magical, and awe-inspiring. Always telling a tale, she presents works that capture the spirit of hope and renewal in the body of work she presents. A true storyteller in motion and dance that continues to inspire no matter where she dances. An elegant gem that lights up the stage with a dance troupe that shines in every movement and gesture that tells a story relevant to our times." Ramon V. Parra Writer/Illustrator/Song Writer at Monchie Productions.



"Beatriz Vasquez you are a flower that Mother Nature sends only once every one hundred years. ( Beatriz Eugenia the renaissance woman ) it is wonderfull working with you" Lopez Ibarra Gabriel producer and director of cultural programs.



"Beatriz you are a true performer. Beyond the stage, you demonstrate by example and consistency your passion and vision" Michael ElTigre Theatre Company IKI.



Elegant, heartfelt and spirited are just a few words to describe the beauty Beatriz exudes while dancing she captured my heart when I saw her first dance at an event I produced and have had the privilege to see her in action from interdependent dance to group performances a must to know and a true talent in the making. Gordon Lee Artist.